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The Lucky Peasant is a FREE site, mostly containing re-colors of maxis objects and other free objects from modthesims2 and the like. This site is still in progress as I have been on hiatus for quite some time. Please bear with me as I make the required adjustments to the site.



~September 24th, 2009 :: Finally got around to updating the site :3 New goodies are on the way so please be patient~!!!


About Me <3
Name: Gwenieviere
Age: 19
Fave EP: OFB MTS2 Profile:
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Bio: I have been editing sims objects for a while now, I started with the sims 1 and now expanded to the sims 2 which I very much enjoy. My objects are always free as are their meshes, I hope this site will grow on the community and perhaps be featured somewhere haha.


Email Me:

~ wiccan_magnolia@hotmail.com


She is supposed to be like me in real life but I have yet to find the right floofy hair so until that happens, here is myself, at the moment in my sims game :D *yaaayyy...*